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Leading Real Estate in Nepal | Buy, Sell, Rent Property in Nepal

Ghar Sansar is a leading real estate and rental marketplace established to help customers with real estate services. We offer an online marketplace to buy or rent a house, apartment and land in Nepal. Not only that, our company allows you to gain knowledge about the latest prices of land, houses and apartment. Our professional staffs attempt to provide quality services at the best price.

Ghar-Sansar is always here to explore client satisfaction through hassle-free services in Nepal. Contact us if you are looking to buy property in Nepal or a land and house in Kathmandu. Our primary goal is to gain customers' trust through consistent, reliable and detailed information on home values and rental property. The real estate in Nepal is booming in the major cities of our country like Kathmandu, Pokhara, or Biratnagar. It is estimated that the business will continue to bring huge profits to investors in the coming days. Land, house, and apartments are the perfect options if you are looking to invest in Nepal. Land is a natural resource that has become a lucrative commodity in urban Nepal. These days many people have turned to real estate dealing to make money in Nepal. It is not that easy to finance as an investor in the real estate business. Real estate investors often struggle while lending money. Demand for real estate is increasing because the value of land and houses is appreciating with every passing day. Therefore, Real Estate in Nepal is profitable with many players involved in it. The ratio of loan defaulters is high in the real estate in Nepal which makes it more difficult for genuine players to set their standard. According to the recent real estate data in Nepal, the national demand for houses and apartments is about 140,000. However, Nepal is only able to construct 25,000 units. This shows that there is more than enough potentials in the Nepalese real estate markets. These days’ real estate agents have been working in the best interest of both the client (buyer and seller). Real Estate Agent is one of the highest-earning jobs in Nepal. Real Estate agents are the ones who help clients with all the processes of buying and selling land. Real Estate agents make money through commissions offered by both parties. The real estate in Nepal has become more expensive due to a higher rate of inflation. Things have become more expensive these days due to a decrease in money value. Hence, if you are willing to get rich within a short time duration, it is better to invest in real estate with the right mindset.

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