Frequently Asked questions

When buyer is purchasing a home whether it is their home or their fifth home, this process can create many emotions and feelings. A buyer must be properly prepared and well educated for this process. Any buyer must have thought many questions on this process, even an experienced home buyer forgets how exactly the process will work. There may arises in buyer’s mind many questions that theyseem to ask quite often. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from home buyers.

Ghar sansar Nepal is an online market place allows you to access and shareinformation about available rental properties in Nepal, call them, gain knowledgeand also connect with best local professional who can assist you with any type ofservices and problems.
It is very straight forward. You have to register an account on And then, you can post your property and customers will view your property that may be house or land or apartment.
We have paid as well as free listing service. For paid listing, we have three packages; Basic, Featured & Premium. For more information, please click the link here
While buying a home, you’re strongly recommended to have a Realtor. Many reasons you must have Realtors represents your best interests while buying house.Without a Realtor buying a house cause a many difficulty. While buying a house you do not have to do is calling the listing agent because you don’t want to botheryour Realtor.
The reasons that buyers ask a question about the need of Realtor because they do not understand who pays the fees to the Realtor when buying a home. In most of the cases the seller itself pays the fees of the Realtor, however there is no guarantees.
You can directly Contact us with your inquiry, we will shortly right back.