A short brief about us

Company Overview

Ghar Sansar is the leading real estate and rental market place designed to empowerconsumers with knowledge and best practice who want to buy& sell houses, rentthem or lease them. Ghar sansar is online market place allows you to access andshare information about available rental properties in Nepal, call them, gainknowledge and also connect with best local professional who can assist you withany type of services and problems.

Ghar sansar makes your home buying experience amazing and free of hassle. Itmakes you to access information about homes for sale, homes for rent and homesthat are going to be available in near future as well as estimates of home values &rental property.

Being on the market since April 4,2020 we have managed to gain the trust and respect from our clients. A happy and satisfied customer have been one of our main goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple to identify i.e. what you are searching for and provide withbest solution and match. Whether it’s your first house purchase, selling, renting, orjust learning about real estate, we are here to assist you in every step.

Buyer can directly contact and negotiate with the sellers. Ghar sansar won’t takeresponsibility if any wrong information provided by Seller.


Our Vission

To be consistent in what we do, provide excellent and consistent service tocustomers is our goal. Seller can post the details about their properties in ourwebsite. We review the information you provided and publish it. The propertyfrom the website will be removed once it is sold out.